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Both men and women now put more emphasis on looking well for their jobs or for their own enjoyment, therefore they always budget money for purchasing beauty care goods. In addition, males don’t have to feel bad about making direct purchases from physical stores, although women can be less constrained in their product selections thanks to the availability of beauty products in online retailers. However, if clients found it difficult to purchase the goods online due to the website’s shortcomings, they may choose to do so from other websites or even an offline retailer. Use the classy Lovia e-commerce website template to update your online store’s design and retain your consumers.

All of your consumers who visit your e-commerce website will feel comfortable shopping thanks to a straightforward design with an attractive undertone provided by the aquatic colours offered by this template. Even a novice user may easily navigate the user interface and rearrange or reorganise the template as necessary to provide clients with the finest shopping experience. By producing your own blog material, you may sell beauty goods while also providing helpful advice and details on skin health and attractiveness.

To help you edit the template, the package includes help documentation in the form of a PDF file. However, if you encounter any problems or issues that Help cannot resolve or if you have any questions or concerns about this product, you are always welcome to get in touch with our support team whenever it suits you.

Details of what you’ll receive:

1 XD file more

plus 1 Figma file

+ Documentation in PDF



+ 16 page

+ Support for Adobe XD and Figma

+ A fresh, modern aesthetic

+ 1920px X 3000px

+ Making use of Google Fonts’ NO COST fonts

+ Well-researched


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